Explore the world. Fight the Darkness.


Hi everyone. We're sorry to announce that the development of Until Dark has been suspended for the time being.

We've put a lot of hard work and passion into the game over the last months, but we are not happy with the current design. It was a hard decision but ultimately we do not want to release a game that is not up to our standards. We are not however letting go of the idea of a rich, beautiful and meaningful exploration game, and we'll do all we can to revisit our concept regularly and try to find compelling solutions to the issues we currently have. In the meantime, the team has started working on a new project that we will be announcing very soon.

We've released a short trailer so that you can see what we have done so far. Thank you all for your support!


Until Dark is a cooperative exploration game. Stranded in an unknown land, you will have to gather resources from your surroundings and ensure your survival. Once you have built a small outpost, you will be able to explore this strange world further and discover more dangerous environments, befriending native tribes or fighting your way to its most remote and deadly areas. Will you find the ruins and secrets of the Ancients that once ruled over this land? Will you uncover the mysteries of their cataclysmic demise?

The World

Each world is unique, created through procedural generation, allowing for the meaningful and unspoiled exploration of a huge and diverse environment. From rolling plains to luxuriant forests, dark poisonous marshes and to searing deserts, you will have to prepare and adapt to survive. In Until Dark, you cannot cross the highest mountains without protective gear and a fire to warm your weary bones. And even then, you never know when a storm might strike...


Until Dark will feature six unique adventurers, each with their own background and unique set of combat skills. Characters also have access to various bonuses and passive skills that will allow them to specialize in specific activities (be it combat, exploration, crafting, survival or even diplomacy).

The Ancients

Remains of the Ancients can be found in many places across the land, but it is under the ground that you'll have to look to find the vast complexes of ruins that were once temples, workshops and libraries. Finding and studying artifacts and glyphs from the Ancients' civilization could hold the key to understanding the history of this land, and maybe even the origins of the Darkness.

The Darkness

While the Earth, Fire and Storm seasons each bring their changes to the environment, it is the Darkness season that will radically impact the world and offer the biggest challenge to the players. Resources will become scarce, animals will flee to their lairs and ancient and powerful creatures will roam the land. The world itself will become more threatening to the characters, who will have to fight the effects of the Dread that tries to corrupt them.


Alpha in-game screenshots

Concept arts

What is Until Dark?
Until Dark is an experimental game from Shiro Games. Check out the Game section for more information!
When will the game be available?
We are no longer working on Until Dark (see announcement at the top of the page).
What are you working on?
You can check our games on Shiro Games

If you have any other questions, please email contact[at]shirogames.com.